Outdoor Lighting – Lower Costs plus Better Security

Improve your outdoor lighting with new energy efficient lighting to reduce your energy consumption and improve your security. Newer lighting technologies, such as LEDs, can have a considerable long term return, reduce your maintenance costs and provide better security for your employees and facilities.

In addition, grants and incentives from ComEd, Illinois Clean Energy, USDA, DCEO and others can provide an additional incentive for you to retrofit your current outdoor lighting. Examples of recent projects are shown below.

Better outdoor lighting offers these benefits:

  • Lower energy bills
  • Improved employee and customer safety
  • Improved facility security
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Eliminates “off” colors produced by some older lighting methods
  • Focused distribution of lighting, illuminates larger areas with fewer fixtures

LED flood fixtures replaced metal halide in-ground fixtures. Lighting and security were improved in addition to saving hundreds of dollars in maintenance and over 4000 kwhrs a year of electricity.


20 watt LED lamps replaced 190 watt metal halide ballasts and lamps, improving lighting and saving energy.


LED fixtures allowed precise light distribution compared to lamp/reflector fixtures. The entire width of the parking lot is lit with a single fixture. 80 watts replaced 295 watt metal halide fixtures.


40 watt LEDs replaced 128 watt metal halide wall-pack fixtures, saving energy and improving security.

Avent Energy – Your Source for Lower Energy Costs in Northern Illinois

Avent Energy – Your Source for Lower Energy Costs in Northern Illinois