Retrofit Lighting to Reduce Energy Consumption

Retrofit lighting with a new energy efficient lighting scheme is one of the best ways to reduce energy consumption. Payback times vary, but can provide a quick return on your investment. Newer lighting technologies, such as LEDs, can have a considerable long term return, as well as providing a better working environment for your employees. In addition, grants and incentives from ComEd, Illinois Clean Energy, USDA, DCEO and others can provide an additional incentive for you to retrofit your current lighting. Several examples of recent projects we have worked on are shown below. The improved lighting levels are very noticeable.

Retrofitting offers these benefits:

  • Lower energy bills
  • Better lighting improves employee safety and moral
  • Brighter lights reduce eye strain and reduces fatigue
  • Eliminates “off” colors produced by some older lighting methods
  • Eliminates distracting buzzing or humming caused by obsolete T12 fluorescent and HID lighting
  • Even distribution of lighting, eliminating shadowed areas

High School Gym Lighting Retrofit

Before: 16,488 total watts; 17 to 25 foot-candles illumination   |   After: 7,956 total watts; 36 foot-candles illumination


Machine Shop Lighting Retrofit Energy consumption was reduced and lighting quality greatly improved.


Storage Area Lighting Retrofit Dim, off-color lighting was eliminated with energy efficient quality lighting.

Avent Energy – Your Source for Lower Energy Costs in Northern Illinois

Avent Energy – Your Source for Lower Energy Costs in Northern Illinois