Case Studies

Some of our recent projects are detailed on this page. Contact us for additional information.

Large Northern Illinois Manufacturer

Retrofit and Replaced: 475 Indoor Fixtures
Cost of Retrofit: $59,000
ComEd Incentive: $28,000
Watts Reduction: 158,000 to 9,8000
Carbon Footprint Reduction: Equal to 353 acres of trees planted
Results: Lighting more uniform, foot-candles doubled. Management and employees were pleased

Large Northern Illinois Manufacturer

Replaced: 41 Outdoor Fixtures with LED Lighting
Cost: $12,900
ComEd Incentive:  $5,400
Watts Reduction: 12,600 watts to 1,750 watts
Result: Lower energy cost and illumination was increased.
Quote from employee: ”Our President loves the new look”

Multi Story Office Building

Retrofit: HVAC System
Cost: $140,700
ComEd Incentive: $38,000
Watts Reduction: 538,000 (over $48,000 annually) and improved occupant comfort level


Replaced: 59 Indoor Fixtures (455 watt) with High Performance T8 Fluorescent Fixtures (147 watt)
Cost: $10,300
ComEd Incentive: $5.800
Watts Reduction: 26,845 Watts to 8,673 Watts
Results: Lower energy consumption and Illumination increased

Insurance Company Office Building

Retrofit: 523 Indoor T12 U Lamp with 2-foot T8 fluorescent Lamps and Reflectors
Cost: $38,000
ComEd Incentive: $12,500
Watts Reduction: 16,500 and illumination increased
Results: Present and future maintenance cost reduced by increased lamp life and lower replacement lamp/ballast costs

Avent Energy – Your Source for Lower Energy Costs in Northern Illinois

Avent Energy – Your Source for Lower Energy Costs in Northern Illinois